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This might sound cliché but a facial massage is exactly what it sounds like; the act of massaging your face. Let’s break it down, the technique involves stimulating pressure points on the forehead, neck, and shoulders which might include the use of lotions, oils, or cleaning balms, or a face roller.

You can choose to do your facial massages yourself with your hands or a tool such as a jade roller or better yet, you can book a facial with us . At So Beautified Salon, a facial massage is complimentary with every facial booked.
It is advisable to do a facial massage twice or thrice a week due to the health benefits the process has on the skin.
Wondering why you should dedicate so much time to giving special attention to your face?
Here are six benefits of a facial massage:

1. It tones and lifts the face
Face massages are regarded as a natural facelift and a way to
achieve naturally younger-looking and toned skin by indulging in an hour of massage. The massage is performed in gentle upward motions that help to lift saggy and droopy skin, tighten the skin, and make it look firmer and healthier.

2. Detoxifies your skin:
Facial massages improve blood flow and lymphatic drainage in
your face, flushing out toxins and contaminants which build up inside your skin as a result of using a lot of beauty products and environmental factors which leads to fine lines, puffiness, and breakouts. Your face would feel fresh, clean and toxic-free on the inside and out after a massage.

3. It helps to aid a brighter and glowing skin
A simple facial massage sends a rush of blood and oxygen to your face. This increased flow reduces puffiness (especially under the eyes), brightens skin tone, and aids in the detoxification of your skin. More oxygen delivered to the skin, according to experts, equals increased collagen production and cell
growth, resulting in a smooth, radiant complexion.

4. It enhances product absorption
Massaging your face upward, lifting movements with your fingers is an excellent way to aid the absorption of your skincare products such as moisturizer and serum. With great skin, your makeup sits pretty and looks way much

5. Relaxation
When we are nervous, exhausted, or focused, we tense our forehead and eye
area, which creates wrinkles over time. We bet you didn’t know this but a few minutes of face massaging at the end of the day will help alleviate anxiety and make you feel a bit relieved.

6. Slows down ageing signs
Wrinkles, fine lines, smile lines, dark circles, and pigmentation can all be reduced with regular face massage. Facial massage not only tones the skin but is also an effective anti-ageing treatment. Different factors can speed up your
ageing clock, causing you to notice symptoms of ageing sooner than you should, but you can reset your ageing clock by pampering your skin the right way, with a facial massage.

What other benefits have you experienced from having a facial massage? Let us know in the comments.