The nail treatment industry is buzzing about a progressively sturdy option called shellac nails. What is Shellac? This generally nail treatment, which is once in a while alluded to as a gel nail treatment, guarantees to be an enduring nail trim — it can last up to an entire month without chips, breaks, or the requirement for additional coats. Some people also call it a manicure miracle, but Shellac is not for everyone. This slick new polish is the latest buzz of the manicure industry. Clients at So-Beautified salon can get it on their fingers fast enough. Shellac offers a more nail-accommodating arrangement by taking gel to the following level - no chiseling or recording, only thin layers of clean on your regular nail, with a short timeframe for restoring under a UV light between each coat. Ahern says the UV is utilized for 10 seconds after the base coat and two minutes each between the two layers of shading and the topcoat.

In simple words, Shellac is a blend of nail polish and gel. It is applied by your manicurist to your natural nails like just like a glossy polish. A shellac manicure can even last for up to a month. We can also say that there are multiple benefits of getting the one from our so-beautified team.

Five reasons to try shellac nails:

Dry faster:
Since your manicurist will set your shellac nails with a UV light, they will be scorched in no time and enable you to walk out of the salon with no worries. On the other hand, Regular nail polish is still tacky for several hours after the application and can be challenging to manage.

As compared to the acrylic nails, Applying shellac nails are much less invasive and consumes lesser time. Also, you don't need an electric nail file to apply shellac nails. It makes them a natural alternative to acrylic nails.

One thing we can say that Shellac manicures are much stronger than manicures with regular polish. As a result, your nails won't chip as quickly, and your professional manicure will look elegant for a lot longer.

Natural look:
Since the natural look is trending in right now, most of the people prefer Shellac nails over acrylic nails. Shellac nails combine the best of both the natural and artificial world when it comes to a polished, professional look that still looks natural.

Easier to maintain:
Shellac nails last much longer than conventional nail treatments, and both the application and expulsion process hurt less than the methodology for acrylic nails. Keeping up a shellac nail treatment is much simpler than staying aware of acrylic nails or continually fixing a regular nail trim. You can schedule your appointment now to get shellac nails done by our professional and well-trained manicurists. You can also reach us at 0208 133 9323 or to talk to us or enquire about our services.